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I thought I would share some information that took me 3 weeks to resolve. Hope it helps someone. The Sportage ran great through all of this which made it really odd.

Daughters 2001 sportage had several codes come up all of the sudden. P0135 P0141 P013A and others. I wrote them all down and cleared them to see what came back. P0135 and P0141 for the O2 Heater banks 1 and 2 came back. I referenced the forum several times and ended up replacing both O2 sensors with the Denso version. Still had the codes.

I took it to the repair shop and they just read the codes and wanted to replace parts that were new.

After much reference and searching. There was a forum thread that mentioned switches in a box. I recalled the repair shop had replace the fuel pump relay in the last 6 months. Since the main relay and the fuel pump are the same relay. I swapped them and the car would not start. I swapped them back and it did.

Went to get new relays and found out that the Kia relays are special. I had to order them from the local Kia dealer who did not even keep them in stock.

Part number K9A0 18 811 is the old original part number that has been replaced by part 39160 3X100.

I order two of these which were roughly $14 each.

The car runs great and no more codes. All the auto test pass as well so it can now be inspected.

Before you go down the path of replacing a bunch of parts, you might consider checking the relays.

Good luck
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