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I am currently replacing the struts and cv joints on my sephia along with installing a new cold air intake on this beast
What im looking to do in the future soon is to replace my engine

My Engine currently has 212,000 on it (ya thats a good amount right) but i have kept this car in really good shape and treated it like a goddess carressing the car with keeping clean constantly and the normal running only quality grade components and oils and fuels in this car...

It is the 1.8l model but i have no idea what model the engine is
Ive seen it to be t8d but not sure though

Tis car is also manual 5 speed tranny i did do a tranny swap on it already i beleive now it has about 107,000~ miles on it

been looking around on google and it just seems sketchy without asking on a forum dedicated to not only kias but specializes in kias specific to get tons of information on what components i would need

KFX Performance i like that simple straight to the point of what you need to get
i know im going to get new engine mounts when i can get a new engine placed in this monster ( ya sephia is just ridiculously awesome car)

Another thing,
When i play musik both my driver and passenger side doors have a weird rattle not coming from the speakers but from the manual window levers
is it possible to put some kind of dampner or some how make it stop rattling when i play some musik

Awesome thanks again

ECU trying to get more mph from thsi car worth it with this engine right now to get the most or just to wait?
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