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Up for sale a set of 4 wheels with winter tires.
I bought this set two years ago for my wife's car (2007 KIA Rondo) that we just traded in and the replacement (FIAT) has different bolt patter so they will not fit.

The rims and tires were purchased from local DiscountTire.
I also got OEM TPMS sensors in them. The TPMS will work with many KIA, Hyundai, and maybe other brands.
The tires have plenty of thread left. Since the car was not driven a lot, we accumulated less than 2000 miles on the tires - yes, two thousands. Depth is about 9/32.

Now, I said they come with warranty. And they do.
I also purchased the DiscountTire replacement certificates for the tires. This is assigned to the tires, not owner. Hence, for the full price as listed you will get the receipt that will entitle you to get the tires replaced for FREE in case of any irreparable damage, such as pothole cut, or something.
You also get free lifetime balancing and rotation...

I paid for the set much more than $350... TPMS on the top of it.
TPMS can be programmed by any DT store.

Tires themselves.
205/70x15 GeneralTire Altimax Arctic.

15"x6", bolt pattern 5x108 mm or 5x114.3 mm (5x4.5") Unique 83 steel. Cone shape seats.

They will fit many Hyundai and KIA vehicles. They may also fit some Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Acura, and many others which will take the bolt patter of 5x108 mm or 5x114.3 mm.

Please, do not send me requests what is the lowest price... $350 for a full set with warranty is low enough.

Pictures show only one, but the rest is sitting in a shed. I just did not want to pull all of them out...

If you have any more detailed questions, ask.

LOCATION: 48840. Preferred local pickup. Sometimes I get near Detroit and Grand Rapids area...
Shipping - possible, but I am afraid will be very expensive and will kill the deal.

CONTACT: send me a PM. I would hate to miss your reply here.


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