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  1. 2021+ Sorento Forum
    My 2022 Sorento Hybrid EX is only reading 2176 files from my SD card (plugged into a USB card reader) it has 3567 there a reason? All files are MP3 and perhaps a handful of WAV...suggestions? Thanks
  2. Kia Forte/Cerato (TD) and Koup Discussion Forum
    I just got my first Kia about a month ago, a 2011 Kia Forte hatchback. I listen to music constantly, so the fact that I can listen via bluetooth was an attraction... however, I also get restless and like to change the tunes, so having controls on the steering wheel was great too. I have two...
  3. Kia Forte/Cerato (TD) and Koup Discussion Forum
    my USB AUX porte work just fine when the car is not started , but when i star the inging the usb port won't read my falsh disc till i accelarate to 1.5 RPM; and i hear noise when i use the AUX and it' gone when i accelarate also
  4. Kia Forte/Cerato (TD) and Koup Discussion Forum
    2011 kia cerato hatch auto Si. Usb flash drive. format fat 32, mp3 songs. Whenever I turn the ignition off and restart the car, it reverts back to playing from the first song, instead of the last song played. Also it starts with the usb, can it be set , so, when I start the car it will go to...
  5. 4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    Hi everyone, I just switched over to Kia Sportage 2020. I inserted my usb stick to download all my music to my car but alas, there is no option to! You see, with my previous Hyundai Sonata I had an option to save to my music through the menu drop down, but with my Kia sportage I wasn't able to...
  6. Kia Telluride Forum
    Based on old forum listings, this has been an ongoing problem for Kias. The 2020 Telluride does not have an aux jack. My apple 30 pin to usb cable has been working wonderfully in my Toyota for years, but no luck connecting through the usb in the Telluride. Kia service/dealership seems ignorant...
1-6 of 6 Results