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    I bought an S trim from Atlanta Kia West a couple of months ago. After a week or so walking up to it in my parking garage, I swore that the car was leaning slightly to the left. So I measured and sure enough the left side of the car is an inch lower than the right side. I call the dealership...
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    We have been having this very unsafe issue with our car for the last 3 months and dealership can’t find what it is and corporate hasn’t been much help either. While driving I get a beep and all the lights and warnings on the dashboard comes up. It keeps blinking the warning Check Forward...
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    Based on old forum listings, this has been an ongoing problem for Kias. The 2020 Telluride does not have an aux jack. My apple 30 pin to usb cable has been working wonderfully in my Toyota for years, but no luck connecting through the usb in the Telluride. Kia service/dealership seems ignorant...
1-3 of 3 Results