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  1. Kia Telluride Forum
    I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find similar posts. My 2022 Telluride wouldn’t start a few days back. It displayed an ESC error, and I took it to the dealer. They initially thought it was a sensor that was broken, but after a day they have found that wasn’t the issue. Kia is instructing...
  2. Kia Telluride Forum
    Wondering if anyone has ordered one lately and knows exactly how long its taking them to come in...dealership says 3 months but usually takes 2.
  3. Kia Telluride Forum
    I'm going on a cross country (USA) trip in the Telluride, the total distance will be about 5600 miles, starting in Stafford VA, the length of the trip is about 12 days, we will be stopping in New Orleans (LA), San Antonio (TX), Las Cruces(NM), San Diego (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Las Vegas (NV)...
1-3 of 3 Results