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  1. Kia Soul Forum
    Any tips for installing an aftermarket amp and subs in a 2020 Kia Soul using the OEM head unit? Can't get my RCA LOC's to work. I think that's my problem but not sure. Please help. Thank you
  2. Kia Cee'd Forum
    Hello all. I would like to upgrade my stereo in my proceed 2008 to an atoto SA102. but i can not find any real information about the wiring i need to do the upgrade. i would also want it to work with the steering wheel controls. i found this video: but that is a newer model than my car, and i...
  3. 4G (2018- Present) Rio
    Trying to install aftermarket sub and amp I have the stinger Line output converter and I need to know what wires go to what speakers but when I pulled the Head unit almost all the wires looked the same color, trying to find out what wires go where. 2019 Kia Rio LX thanks in advance!
  4. 2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    Recently I bought a 2008 Kia Rio with the head unit out. Upon further inspection I found the factory connector was cut out of the car. So I bought a new radio, which came with a connector to wire into the car. My issue is, every single wire diagram I've found isn't accurate for my car. I also...
1-4 of 4 Results