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  1. Kia Soul Forum
    2012 Soul + When changing direction there is a subtle click coming from inside the steering wheel or column. It occurs when changing direction, particularly at a slow speed. Like when you are going straight and start a left or right turn, or when backing out of the garage and turn left or...
  2. 2014 - 2015 Sorento Forum
    Hello, I am new to the Kia forums. I have a MY2014-2015 Sorento with the 4 cyl engine. The steering wheel and pedals vibrates when breaking and also at higher speed when applying acceleration. Turning the steering wheel such that any load is on it stops the vibration. I have replaced the tie...
  3. 4G (2011+) Optima
    About a couple of months ago (September 2019), I noticed that the indicator light on my heated steering wheel button remained lit while driving despite no heat being emitted from my steering wheel whatsoever. This has been an ongoing problem so I decided to take it to my local Kia dealership...
  4. 4G (2011+) Optima
    Hi all, I test drove on the other day and it has a leather wrapped steering wheel. i find it very slippery. does it give more grip over time? my 2008 legacy doesn't have a leather wrapped steering wheel and it has way more grip.
1-4 of 4 Results