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  1. 2015 2.0 - What’s *really* my battery group size?

    Kia Soul Forum
    I replaced the battery in my 2015 Soul+ 3 years ago with a 26RH size, specifically this one. I’m past the replacement window but when I poke around Pep Boys now, it shows that one may not fit my vehicle and the ones recommended are group size 124R or H6. Obviously I don’t take this 1 site as...
  2. Putting a newer engine into a 2015 soul+?

    Kia Soul Forum
    Can a newer engine be put into a 2015 Soul+? My oil pump went bad, apparently, and it looks like I need a new engine. (Only 84000 miles on it, but my understanding is that Kia's 100000 mile powertrain warranty does not transfer to second owners like me. Sigh.) The 2015 engines I've found are...
  3. 2012 Soul + Timing Belt or Chain

    Kia Soul Forum
    Have 2012 Soul +. Does this have timing belt or chain. I'm looking through the manual, and I cannot find any mention of servicing interval for timing belt. Google hasn't helped, but I did see one page (I cannot find now but was in my notes here) that for the 2.0 liter Soul the "beta" engine...