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  1. Kia Seltos
    When my car travels at 4-6kph it shakes and shudders, it happens when lightly braking and accelerating while travellingv at these speeds. It goes away after 6kph. You can really feel it throughout the whole car. Servicing told me 2 different things, normal and not. I test drove another new...
  2. Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    I recently bought a kia Spectra5 hatch the other day, it's 5speed, shifts good no codes thrown, the only light that comes on is for headlights and parking brake, check engine light is not on currently, I have driven it a good week all over Knoxville, to see if I could get a code to show up...
  3. Kia Carnival & Sedona (2002 - 2005)
    Hey all, appreciate any help I can get. 2004 Sedona with 90k on it. Bad vibration on driver side between 25-45, and when accelerating hard. Feeling it in steering wheel, pedal and seat. I replaced all 4 motor/trans mounts. 2 were completely destroyed (front and rear), and replaced driver side cv...
1-3 of 3 Results