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  1. 5G 2022+ Sportage
    Hey everyone! Received my 2023 Sportage Hybrid SX-Prestige on June 19. Had to put an order in about a month earlier so didn’t take too long to arrive. Also got it at MSRP which was nice. Swapped my 2019 Honda Insight for it. Anyway, just seeing if anyone else has had the issue of an almost lag...
  2. Shuma & Spectra (1997-2003)
    I have an automatic 2007 Spectra with 3, 2, and L settings. Say I'm driving on the highway and slam my shifter from D down to L. Will the TCU attempt to downshift to L and blow up the engine, or will it refuse a shift that would redline? I haven't been able to find any documentation about this...
  3. 2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    I purchased an oem paddle shifters kit for my 2016 Sorento, installed them along with the new wiring harness but they are not working. I'm guessing there's something missing, maybe additional wires from steering to column to shifter connector!? Has anyone been able to get it working on a...
  4. Kia Cee'd Forum
    Hello I have recently bought a 2006 kia ceed (used) and I have found out that for me to shift from 3rd to 2nd I have to clutch neutral unclutch then clutch 2nd Is that a "feature" or is something broken Thanks in advance
1-4 of 4 Results