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  1. 2003-2010 Sorento Forum
    Hi ninjas! After changing the timing belt kit plus crank and cam sensors, I have intermittent shaking and code P0727. According to the electromechanic he told me that the code was related to the "speed sensor" that is in the transmission. The sensor alone cost me $210 but everything remains the...
  2. 3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    Hello, I have a 2013 Kia Rio LX 4dr Sedan with 42xxx miles. Ive owned it for the last 800 miles and Im starting to get a rumble/vibration/shaking whenever I go over 45mph. The faster I go the worse it gets. I just replaced the spark plugs and made sure tires were properly inflated and Im still...
  3. Kia Forte/Cerato (TD) and Koup Discussion Forum
    I Bought A Kia Forte 2015 recently, it has 62,000 miles, after I Purchased I felt a high Vibration when the car was at a stop or a red light and it was in Drive, The car starts to vibrate, as soon as the car starts moving the vibration stops, I took it to a mechanic, they changed a Pulley, Spark...
1-3 of 3 Results