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  1. 3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    My 2013 Kia Rio lx's tachometer drops to 0 while driving randomly or will stall when trying to accelerate from 0 MPH. My rio had this same issue with stalling and rpms reading 0 in the fall of 2020. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the problem was resolved. Fast forward to 3-08-21...
  2. 2011 - 2013 (XM) Sorento Forum
    So I noticed this popping sound awhile ago in my 2012 Sorento with the 2.4l fwd so I did some research and did the few things I read up on. Like make sure struts and start towers weren't loose make sure no bad suspension components and that helped for a while but now its back and back with a...
1-2 of 2 Results