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  1. Little light on door lock

    2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    2016 Sorento LX : I went to the dealer regarding the light that lights up on the driver side armrest lock button. (lock/unlock) Mine lights up on the lock but not on the unlock. The dealer said this was normal. Anyone have a button where both lock and unlock lights light up? Seems like...
  2. Rear lift will not open

    2011 - 2013 (XM) Sorento Forum
    Neither the fob or soft bottom will not open the rear power lift. I have to crawl in the back and manually open. Note: There is no open or on off switch on the console. Tried Changed battery in key fob opens all doors except rear tailgate. No nose heard at unlock Tried to open in neutral and...
  3. How to disable auto unlocking of doors

    Kia Niro
    Hello, we just purchased our second Kia, a new 2019 Nero, and I am scouring the internet to find out how to disable the Auto Unlocking of the doors when the engine is shut off or put in park. This feature is very unsafe as anyone can enter when the car is stopped.