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  1. 3G 2011 - 2016 Sportage
    I have a 2014 Kia Sportage EX. When I unlock my car door it will not open from the outside, I have to reach in from another door or the window to pull the inside latch to get the door open. Once I’ve opened the door from the inside the outside latch works just fine until I lock the door again...
  2. 3G 2011 - 2016 Sportage
    So I have a 2014 Kia Sportage, LX AWD. I won the darwin award for drilling through the main harness, with this being done I have hit almost all the main wires in the harness. See the pictures to see which harness I am talking about. My friend, who was a Kia Tech at a Kia dealership told me...
1-2 of 2 Results