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  1. Other Kia Models
    Hey, I'm concerned for my k900's Power Steering. It's making a very weird but faint high pitch "EEEEEE" sound. Whenever I turn my wheel,(Whether while parked, or low speeds) it squeals. No groaning, whining, or grinding. Fluid's all good, no leaks. Just squealing. Anyone else have had this...
  2. Other Kia Models
    Hi, my name is Yael and I have bought a 2017 Kia K900 that, except for a few things, everything seems to be in good condition. Surely doubts will arise when I have to review it, so surely this forum will be of great help. Greetings!
  3. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi, my name is Yael and I have a Kia K900 of the year 2017, I have seen that this forum is very complete, I am here to learn from all of you and help as much as possible. Great site…! Best regards
1-3 of 3 Results