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  1. 1G (2001-2005) Rio
    My throttle body boot is old and cracking and the heat in AZ will definitely melt the tape I put on it as a temp fix to get a good seal. I want to just put a cold air tube and filter on it but the placement of the M.A.F. sensor I think will be a problem since it is bolted on to the stock air...
  2. Kia Seltos
    2022 Kia Seltos SX Turbo I was driving around town today when all of a sudden I hear a ding sound/notification. I look and see that I am at 1020 miles into the life of the vehicle then I noticed the check engine light is on. I checked the KIA app and the error code is P21600. I setup an...
  3. 2014 - 2015 Sorento Forum
    Hello, Has anyone used this product before? If so, what hose did you apply it though? I'm thinking of just following the instructions and spraying it though the air intake hose, though as the video below makes pretty clear, it will screw up MAF sensors. Obviously, the Sorento has a MAP, so I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results