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  1. Multiple electrical issues

    2014 - 2015 Sorento Forum
    Is it possible that more than one of my problems is being caused by the same source? I purchased this vehicle in Aug 2016. The back up camera started to intermittently working a few months afterwards. The sunroof worked fine initially but now it allows down and we fear it may not close at all...
  2. 2019 Sedona rear pass tail, license light not working.

    Kia Carnival & Sedona 2015+
    2019 Sedona LX I noticed my passenger side tail and license plate light doesn’t work. The turn signal still works. I can’t imagine that all those bulbs burnt out at once considering the vehicle is just over a year old. I thought maybe it’s a fuse but after looking at the fuse diagram I can’t...
  3. Kia Soul 2010 Audio Fuse Causing Problems

    Kia Soul Forum
    I have a Kia Soul 2010 1.6L base model that when the audio fuse is in I lose the dome lights and the central locking does not work unless the engine is running. As soon as I pull the fuse they return. May be related or not but when the radio is on (and fuse is in) the volume is very low, barely...