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  1. Kia Cee'd Forum
    Figured it is better to see if anyone has any input before I do anything. Whenever it gets below 8-10 degrees celsius or really dang moist, the good ol' P1186 Pending DTC fault code appears (had this issue for over a year now). The engine limits at apprx 2800 revs, in other words classic cee'd...
  2. 2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    I have a Kia Rio5 08’, my engine light says my problem is error P0302. I changed my spark plugs a year and a half ago and my ignition coil like 3 years ago. I haven’t changed the fuel filter but I think that might be the problem. I also get error P0456. I’m thinking about just changing the fuel...
1-2 of 2 Results