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  1. 2011 - 2013 (XM) Sorento Forum
    Hi all, My 2012 Kia Sorento, 88,000 miles, recently threw a knock sensor code while i was driving on the highway. It went into limp home mode and I was slowly able to get it off the highway. I had it towed to my local kia dealer and they tell me my entire engine needs replaced, they say it...
  2. 2014 - 2015 Sorento Forum
    Is it possible that more than one of my problems is being caused by the same source? I purchased this vehicle in Aug 2016. The back up camera started to intermittently working a few months afterwards. The sunroof worked fine initially but now it allows down and we fear it may not close at all...
  3. 2003-2010 Sorento Forum
    Okay everybody. I have a 2003 Sorrento with 103,000 miles on it is a LX. I think I need to replace my engine. I run a lawn care business out of my vehicle and I always have a trailer with me. How big of an engine can I go without getting too crazy. Because before my engine went bad the main...
1-3 of 3 Results