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  1. 2013 drivers side door auto locking?

    Kia Picanto Forum
    Hi! New here, I have just upgraded from a 2006 to a 2013 picanto and on my first trip I noticed when I lock the doors I can still open the drivers door from the outside ? First time it set the alarm and the second time it didn’t at all, all the others seem locked, is this an issue or something...
  2. Metal rattle over cattlegrid and rough ground

    Kia Picanto Forum
    Hi all, This is regarding my 66 reg kia picanto 1.25 sport... This is something I have notice only when going over the cattlegrid at the top of our drive, but when i drove the car today i noticed it several time with the road was a bit uneven and bumpy as well. Theres a very distinct rattle...