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  1. 2013 drivers side door auto locking?

    Kia Picanto Forum
    Hi! New here, I have just upgraded from a 2006 to a 2013 picanto and on my first trip I noticed when I lock the doors I can still open the drivers door from the outside ? First time it set the alarm and the second time it didn’t at all, all the others seem locked, is this an issue or something...
  2. I rolled my Sportage, now what?

    1G (1993 - 2002) Sportage
    A few nights ago I was driving home from work and took a 20 mph corner off the freeway off ramp a little too fast. My traction broke loose and I started spinning like a figure skater. I thought it would grab the pavement and I could steer out of it as I was not going much over the speed limit...
  3. Door locks and draining battery

    Kia Soul Forum
    Hey everyone, got a major issue here. My wife's 2012 Soul is having an issue and I'm hoping someone can help. The other day I went to the grocery store, when I got out of the car I locked all the doors and beeped the horn. When I came out of the store, the doors wouldn't unlock, either with the...
  4. Some - but not all - door locks not unlocking with key fob.

    Kia Carens & Rondo Forum
    Here in the last few months the doors have stopped unlocking with the key fob. It started with the rear passenger door, and now the front passenger door and the rear driver's side door have begun to show the same symptoms. So far the driver's door is unaffected, and they still pretty much unlock...