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  1. 4G (2011+) Optima
    I have a 2011 optima and the drivers side door will not completely close. It wil shut and latch, but if you’re standing outside and look at it, it’s obviously not closed, you can see it’s slightly sticking out. When you are driving, the door ajar light appears on the dash when you apply pressure...
  2. Kia Carnival & Sedona 2006+
    Hello, I have a problem with my Kia Grand Carnival/Sedona 2011 where it "thinks" the front and side doors are ALWAYS CLOSED, even when I open them. It doesn't behave in the way I would expect when doors are opened. This has a number of impacts: 1. When the car is running and I open a door...
1-2 of 2 Results