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  1. 2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    I had an accessory lighting installed years ago. They tapped the yellow/green wire as shown in the image attached. Through the years, I have been tapping that wire to install additional accessory lighting. Then one day I was replacing my parking light t10 bulb and I busted the contacts in the...
  2. 3G 2011 - 2016 Sportage
    Hello everyone, i have this lamp in the dashboard i went to the garage and the mechanic said i need to replace the transfer box even without checking the transfer box. did someone encore this problem? what do i need to do? thanks for helping me out
  3. 1G (1993 - 2002) Sportage
    I've had my truck almost a year now and for the first 6 months my dash lights worked as expected. But all of a sudden my dash backlights and heater/ac control panel lights only work once in a while and only when you first turn them on and never longer than 15 minutes... They wont come back on...
  4. Kia Cee'd Forum
    Hi, recently the lights and needle on my dashboard on the instrumentation keep sort of resetting. They turn on and off constantly. At first I thought it might just be the lights but the needle goes all the way down and comes back too...
  5. 3G 2011 - 2016 Sportage
    This just started happening at about 81k miles: It acts like dead car battery (trunk latch, dome and dashboard lights and remote unlock all fail.). But the car starts just fine and then the lights come on like nothing wrong at all. Doesn't happen all the time, just randomly, and apparently...
1-5 of 5 Results