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  1. 2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    I have a 2016 Kia Sorento with the digital cluster (just the speedometer is digital). Last week after a heavy rain and driving through a large puddle (accidentally) the speedometer now freezes, blinks, or completely turns off. All other cluster gouges work. Even when it's malfunctioning the...
  2. 4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    I have recently bought a Sportage GTLine S and I have a question regarding the driver display. is there any way to remove that extremely irritating message about miles to fill which is ridiculous depending as it dies on some many variables. It would be far more useful to have the clock so that...
  3. 4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    I just purchased a KIA Sportage 2020 EX Model here in the Middle East. The language on both the entertainment screen and Cluster display were in arabic. I was able to change the language of the central entertainment screen easily, but the cluster display did not work. I checked some videos...
1-3 of 3 Results