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  1. 2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    Using the below link, please add location and vehicle (year & model) to your Profile/Account Details eg. USA 2019 Sportage 2.7L V6 SX turbo AWD Account Details Forum Rules Tip: after updating your info, hit “like” on this post, and it will serve as a prompt to remove it.
  2. 4G (2011+) Optima
    Hello. I have the standard dashboard, not touchscreen. The digital clock, A/C control (button to switch to A/C) and the digital thermostat do not work. They all stopped working at the same time. See images here. I thought it would be a simple blown fuse, but I (eventually) checked every single...
  3. 4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    After a recent trip to the mechanic to replace the wiper fluid container, the clock was first completely wrong (date too) and now it just shows dashes. In Settings > Clock everything except GPS is grayed out (and toggling HOS on and off does nothing). What could this be? Is there no way to...
1-3 of 3 Results