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    I have an issue where it feels steering doesn't have eps assist. There's no errors on display, even did obd2 professional scan tool for eps there's no problems. Car still very drivable its not too heavy. Any ideas on what can be the cause. Thank you for you time.
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    Hello everyone, My Cadenza just started giving me a notification on a the touch screen while I’m driving to have car running or the battery will be discharged. The battery light is on. I took it to the dealership 2 days ago and they said battery shows good and the alternator shows good 13.9 to...
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    Recently got all four breaks and rotors replaced new. After I noticed steering got little heavy when making turns it was completely fine and smooth before I change previous breaks and rotors. Any ideas or suggestions regarding this matter. Thank you
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    Hello, I have a 17 Cadenza. The smart key button on my driver side door went missing... not sure if it fell out or if someone tried breaking into my car... I can't seem to find the part. I only need the insert of the button not the whole handle... if I put my finger in the hole it still works...
1-4 of 4 Results