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  1. Kia Amanti & Opirus Forum
    Ok so my husband lost my key. I purchased a new chipped key and had it programmed. The car was locked so I had it towed to the dealership to have the reset done. They said they key was successfully programmed but the car wont start. It had been sitting for 2 weeks at this point. No lights, no...
  2. Kia Cadenza Forum
    Hello everyone, My Cadenza just started giving me a notification on a the touch screen while I’m driving to have car running or the battery will be discharged. The battery light is on. I took it to the dealership 2 days ago and they said battery shows good and the alternator shows good 13.9 to...
  3. Kia Cee'd Forum
    My Kia's trunk/boot door won't unlock with the SmartKey in my pocket but will unlock pressing the key button. The Smartkey function works on both front doors. It's not really a big problem for me if it wasn't for the battery drainage. I assume it's from the same problem since I noticed it around...
1-3 of 3 Results