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  1. 2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    Sorry for the double post - new forum user and apparently can't post and allow replies without adding a few things to my profile. So this just recently started. The auto leveling goes through the motions when the lights turn on but the final resting place is in the full up position. Can the...
  2. 2016 - 2020 Sorento Forum
    I am assuming that the sensor has failed, but there may be other causes. Can anyone advise how to properly diagnose the problem and if indeed the sensor needs and point me at instructions to replace it?
  3. Kia Picanto Forum
    Hi! I have a 2013 Picanto 1.2EX with auto headlights function. They work perfectly fine however i'm curious, my friend has the same model but slightly older (year 2011) At night, the lights can be switched on when you unlock the car with the electronic key, and vice versa, lights remain on...
1-3 of 3 Results