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  1. 2012 electrical issues... module ? head unit ? amp ?

    Kia Soul Forum
    first post here 2012 kia soul (red) 52,000 miles (yes that's correct) :) excellent condition exterior, ok interior the car starts and runs flawlessly, but: 1) if i plug in the yellow double fuse, with the "MODULE 15a" side fuse in place, the battery will drain to the point of not starting, in...
  2. AMP install - power cables

    Kia Cee'd Forum
    hi i want to add 2 amps to my MKII ceed wagon (1 for 4 speakers and 1 for sub) and i need to use a 2GA wire (so i can dive to 2 4GA cables) what is the best way to pass the firewall between the engine bay and the passenger room? pictures will be most welcome