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  1. 2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Good day, I have a 2005 Kia Sportage LX, V6 engine with 176k miles on it. I randomly experience the car shutting off. Sometimes when approaching a stop light or slowing down to merge the car will just die. When this has happened it starts back up right away but is stressful. Sometimes it's...
  2. 2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Hello everyone I have a 2005 KIA Sportage I had to disconnect my batter because I have a short and I have not found it yet so I go out to start my car and when I connected the battery the horn started going off the lights flashing and it won’t start does anyone have any clue as to what’s going...
  3. 2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Hello Every one, I hope you stay healthy and safe. Recently I bought the Kia Sportage CRDI 2005 that uses Diesel as fuel, I really need to know the time needed to warm its engine in winter and in the summer Thank you very much.
  4. 2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    So I have a 2005 kia sportage 2.0 l4 and I'm in need of guidance. It cranks but won't start. It died while I was driving. No misfire, no shaking. Nothing. Just died out of nowhere and wouldn't start. I checked the fuel pump and it works. I checked the plug wires and I have spark. I tried...
1-4 of 4 Results