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Spectra 5 SX
Electric Orange Metallic
My first car was a 1967 Ford Mustang GT (coupe with front disc brakes and GT badges on the gas cap and fenders... not sure if it was a true GT or just baged that way). I bought it off of my uncle for $3000 or so. It was basically a rough running/ driving project car, that I really didn't have to money for. After a couple years and more problems than I could count I started looking around for a new car. First used cars, nothing caught my eye. I decided to go to the local Subaru/Kia dealer here in Olympia. I wanted to just look at the new STI Hatchback that just came out (2008). There was no way I could afford $39,000 after all was said and done, the WRX wasn't that much in my price range either, and not that good looking. So I walked over to the Kia dealer really just to humor myself, because they're super cheap tin cans, maybe I can afford one of those. I saw the Spectra 5 and fell in love. But I drove away in my mustang that day. It wasn't until April 15, 2008 that I really needed a new car. I got rear ended at a dead stop by a GMC Sierra 1500 going 40 mph (In front of a cop, so that worked out well). I got more money than my car was worth, so I looked around for a used car yet again... forgetting about the Kia. After a few weeks of not finding the right car, I realized, I could look at a new car.... My dad then told me about the costco auto program... a car just above dealer invoice? why yes, I could buy brand new... there was also one more star to align that day. Kia was doing a $2000 rebate on all new spectras... My dad and I went to the kia dealer to go test drive. They first wanted me to buy a used 2005 Spectra5, but the drive sucked. the previous owners put after market wheels, kinda curbed them, it had a nasty shimmy at 60 mph, and the speakers were blown. Not to mention the interior on the 05-06 was rather bland compered to the 07-09 (No offense anyone). The front fascia facelift was more enticing on the newer ones too. I went back and said no, I don't want this one, I want that one (pointing to the orange gem on the showroom floor). I drove off the lot that day with my first 2008 spectra5 for $15,500 after tax and licensing fees ($4000 less than final sticker price). But, they bent my hood in the detail shop.... they promised to fix it. I got it back, and it was only slightly better, but still noticeably damaged. The sales rep (obviously butt hurt that they lost money on my sale) started his sentence off with " well for what you paid for the car..." I cut him off and said no, you said you'd fix it. .. they couldn't, so they traded it in straight acorss, and somehow I still had to pay $100 for a driver to go to puyallup and pick up my new car (I just wanted to be done dealing with these people, but in retrospect I should have fought that) but I still came out on top. Thats the one I have today. She's had her small issues, but I have loved this car every day since the day I bought her. I still cant walk away from her without turning around to look.
2008 Kia Spectra 5 SX (Electric Orange Metallic)


- K&N Typhoon SRI
- Megan Racing Equal Length Header from KFX
- Mini CAT CEL Eliminator
- Custom CAT Back Exhaust With Magnaflow Muffler and Resonator
- Volo VP12 Performance Chip
-Spectra Brushed Aluminum Sill Plates
- Kia Bug Deflector
- Yakima Roof Rack and Attachments
- Walmart Auxiliary Driving Lights
- Osram Night Breaker Headlight Bulbs
-Sony XAV 61-BT Head Unit
-Alpine Type-R speakers and Sub
-Kenwood Amplifiers
- Kia Lowering Springs (Eibach Pro Kit)
Wheel and Tire
- Enkei J-10 17" Wheels
- Continental Extreme Contact DWS Tires



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