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Optima EX
titanium silver
Everything other then NAV
Major issue with traction control that KIA has told the dealer is normal. I have taken the car to my dealer four times over the years and they have begged KIA to support them and help get this corrected. This issue effects more then my car and KIA has yet to recall or even issue a Safety / Repair Bulletin to correct the issue. When at a stop and pulling out into traffic I must turn off my Traction Control or run the risk of the car leaving me like a sitting duck in the road.

I advised KIA that my wife's 2013 Optima EX only difference is color and NAV does not do what my car does. I then said so you explain which one is BROKEN then. KIA Customer Care made this a REGIONAL issue out of NJ and they have not returned my calls or offered to correct the problem. My dealer had a loaner car secured for me and has taken my car as they search for the answer. The District TECH adviser wanted them to exchange my Hydraulic ABS Assist unit with one off a 2013 on the used car lot, however they advised KIA that car does the same thing mine does.

NHSB is my next call !!! If you have this same issue please send me a message on here.
2013 Kia Optima EX (titanium silver)



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