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Rondo LX
Black Cherry
I had to give up my 5 speed Chevy s-10 because of my back injury. It was just too painful to drive. I had a limited amount to spend for a vehicle. I knew I needed something I could haul things in but also needed more passenger space so an SUV seemed to be the answer. I had previously driven a Sorento and really liked it but a little too big. I looked for a a Sportage. Without much success. I'm a thrifty shopper and very patient. I don't mind waiting for the best deal to come along. It's better than jumping into something that might be a mistake. My Brother is a diesel mechanic and he told me to look for an older Mercedes. He says they are the most durable of all vehicles. So I put that on my list of options along with the Honda CRV.
I had never heard of a Rondo until I happen to see one on a local car lot. Interesting, but the price was a little high on that one. I started checking other Cities and found a 2008 Kia Rondo LX 6 cyl. in Freemont, CA . that had not been detailed so it wasn't ready to display yet but
If I wanted to take it "as is" I could get a price break. I made an offer for a grand lower than the asking price and I would pay cash. That's all it took. My offer was excepted. A two hour drive but well worth it. I have not had any regrets .
2008 Kia Rondo LX (Black Cherry)


Plugs , oil change plus replaced the stripped oil pan plug, radiator flush, , and a purge valve. Air filter, cabin air filter. That's about it.
The interior was very dirty so a detailed cleaning came first. All seats were in good condition. I replaced the floor mats.
Haven't done much to the exterior yet except the window tinting. and the tinted rain guards on all the windows.
It needed a new antenna so I got a shark fin.
Added an antenna booster and blue tooth, a back-up camera and mirror monitor. Also had to replace the transponder. Planning to upgrade the sound system . Speakers are all good
Got the front end alignment and need to have the other stuff checked. Replaced break pads.
Wheel and Tire
Replaced all 4 with better quality



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