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Purchased used at 130,000 miles from a guy I know at work. He is an aircraft mechanic, and he maintains his own vehicles.

It's nothing special... but I love my little car.

First thing I did was drive it to a gas station, and filled it full of bad gas. It broke down immediately.

Then, I scratched the heck out of the paint job when I accidentally used a dirty brush.

My Kia has retaliated by locking me out every chance it gets. There's some short in the door locking mechanism. It locked me out one time with the engine running!

Then, it started getting stuck in park, and wouldn't let me go anywhere.

I became fully convinced my car was posessed when it spat a CD at me while I was driving down interstate. I don't use CDs...I'm all digital. But when I got the car I hit the CD eject button just to see if there was one loaded. "NO DISC" But, a month later it randomly spat a Hank Williams Jr CD out into my lap while driving!

I think my Kia misses its previous owner.

I love my little car though!!!

It has really grown on me in just a few months. I kinda like cars with these little personality quirks!
2007 Kia Spectra (Blue)



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