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My girl was born in May 2007 I purchased her in July 2007 with 36,000 miles she was used as a rental car, but she has been one of the best car's I've ever owned the motor is all original except for the alternator, and radiator the turn signals are original, however I have upgraded the headlights and stop lights to LED I have a 19" 54 watt LED light bar in the grill and an 11" 54 watt LED light bar under the license plate and just a month ago the timing belt shredded some teeth it didn't break but she did get me home and then gave out with 266,000 plus miles and If I had caught the the timing belt in time she would still be running today but she is parked for now I am looking to drop a new engine so I need some guidance in this matter if somebody could weight in with this please thanks
2007 Kia Spectra (Deep Ocean Blue)


all stock with a short cold air ram and a 3" performance cone and LED to light it up at night and I just keep it super cleaned detailed..... since my girl is no longer running I am looking for a new engine BUT I need some advice because what I planning so so anyone could help so I can make a good decision about what I want done thanks
Since Kia changed the instrument cluster in 2007 you are not able to change the lighting and because it is now sealed and the only way I found that out is because before I do anything to my car I go to the junk yard first and practice but anyway no one will touch it but as you can see I have mine blue which looks awesome at night and matches the car exterior but also my girl did not come with fog lights so what I did is cut out the 2 squares on each side of the fog light cover it has there and added LED lights which are alternating lights that I bought they are like the one's construction trucks have although I chose not to have them blink or alternate which I can fix so they can easily but I do have white and blue here I'm just showing the blue one's and I also have blue LED lights in the grill that lights up blue and at night it looks spectacular and you can see both 54 watt light bar's I have mounted in the grill and under the license plate
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