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Hi, I have a 2002 Kia Sedona with 117k miles on it. Since buying it I have replaced the Output Speed Sensor (twice), After doing so about two weeks later the van started to have a rough idle and run erratic (it wouldn't hold rpms while driving or surging if you will). I pulled the codes and it had the following.

P0302 - Cylinder 2 Misfire
Evap Emissions code (not sure what it was exactly) - Fixed, intake wasn't properly secured.
P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem - Low Coolant, fixed.
P0156 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

After pulling these codes I realized that when replacing the Output Speed Sensor I had not plugged the air flow sensor back in after taking part of the intake off. It ran like that for a couple of days before my wife had complained about her gas usage and i realized why. After thinking all this through and now only two codes to be dealt with, P0156 and P0302, I had thought maybe because that sensor wasn't plugged in that it may have caused the these codes? I erased the codes, fired it up and ran it for about 5 minutes going from idle (roughly 900-1000 rpms) up through 3000 rpms. It ran great and no codes come back. I shut it off waited about 2-3 minutes, tried starting it again only to have it do nothing, a few clicks from under the hood that's it it doesnt turn over at all and no codes to be checked! I disconnected the battery and let it sit overnight now I'm getting, P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction. Fuses Checked, battery has full 12v charge. Help?
2002 Kia Sedona (Gold)


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