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I bought it new for my wife to use as a mistreated Home Health transport vehicle. And it has... Since it has been on the road, it has suffered 5 windshield replacements, a rear side glass replacement from a breakin, a new antenna which was stolen, hit and run at a patient's apartment complex and a few more hits and misses. She loved the car and I kept the service up during the entire use until but she never listened to the sounds of trouble. Can't prove it but a few months after an oil change, I walked her out to Betsie for her work and when she started it a real racket was happening. I found there was no oil on the oil or the tran dipstick. I added oil, trans fluid and Lucas and she come back to life and was quiet. Two weeks later she called me from about 30 miles away and told me Betsie died. "It wouldn't go when I mashd the gas. ..So I pushed harder ( about 6k until she snapped the timing belt. I built old Chevys.. not higher tech foreign engines. After a $125.00 tow to a "reputable" mechanic, two loose screws found on the chain cover and a $275.00 estimate fee for a $6,000.00 possible repair for engine and trans, I paid another $60.00 to tow her home and try to the repairs myself. In the last year.. I have invested about $3,500 to ride her another 5 years Now I have a new project to see if that can be done....I hope.... LOL
2009 Kia Rio5 (Red)


1.6L CVVT with new A/C system just repaired less than a year ago ($1,800) and still paying on 1yr same as cash.
New carpets
Soundproofing in the last year. Window tinting to prevent theft of inside items and a cooler in the Texas heat.
was a nice Serris speaker system for about 1 1/2 years. Had kia to look at under warranty until it was out out. It had deteriorated to just the left front sound If I get it running again, I'll repair it.
New complete front end less than 1 year ago .
Wheel and Tire
16" aluminum alloy with new tires less than 6k on them


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