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  1. Aftermarket DVD/Navigation/Radio Combo

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    Still interested?! hi, are you still interested in this kind of Chinease screen?! i can share my experience with you. i already have one since sept. 2010. contact me on my email: [email protected]
  2. 2 din car dvd player with 7 Inch Digital HD touchscreen Monitor for KIA Borrego Mohav

    Qualir Auto Electronics
    Password for the System Configuration setup menu hi, what is the password for the system configuration in the setup menu? on other hand, i just installed a rear view camera, but the camera view is not openning automatically when i put reverse, in order to view the camera display, i have to...
  3. OBD II Scanner

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    Dear smuook, Thanks a lot for the reply, I'm realy interseted to buy this tool, can you please check it with Borrego? can I buy this tool online?
  4. OBD II Scanner

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    HI, I'm up to buy a OBD II scanner to use it personally, can anyone recommend a scanner that is compatible with Mohave\Borrego 2009 model? and if anyone can provide the manuafacturer specific codes for this car. I think having such a device is good to identify some problems. Thanks in advance...
  5. Aftermarket DVD/Navigation/Radio Combo

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    Hi, I bought a chinease DVD with GPS for my Mohave '09, it is working fine since 09.2010, those chinease are realy good, they provide cable convertor so you don't have to cut the original wires, they also sent the tool to that helped me to remove the original radio without damaging the face...
  6. Looking for service/repair manual

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    Hi, is a good site, but I think it is not for beginner in DIY like me, if anyone can help in providing a DIY manual with more details about regular maintenance procedures and frequent trouble shootings.
  7. 2009 Borrego gas mileage V-6

    Kia Mohave & Borrego
    MOHAVE EX V6 4x4 Fuel Consumption. Hi all, I have a new MOHAVE EX V6 4x4 2009 3.8, I'm wondering about the fuel consumption, last time (and first time :D) fill up it took around 73 Liter (Octane 95), the trip computer "Distance to empty" reading was around 592 KM, is it acceptable? what about...
1-7 of 7 Results