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  1. Stock Spectra RIMS

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    yes all four please PM me if you want more info
  2. Stock Spectra RIMS

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    from my 2004.5 sedan 114x4 bolt pattern 15 inch alloys no curb marks tires if you want (25% tread left) msg me!! they look like this:
  3. NEW FRONT BUMPER FOR 2005 KIA Spectra by

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    i think it has too many holes. maybe if you put some black mesh in there or something. i still like the tension kit ::saves his money::
  4. Occupant classification system - False disabling

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    yes, smaller passengers can actually get their necks broken in a crash, since the force of the passenger going forward and an airbag that isnt aligned to their height will deploy at their forehead, snapping their heads back. also car seats always posed a problem.
  5. Spark Plugs And Wire

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    speaking of this, does anyone here key their sparkplugs. supposedly its the cheapest/easiest thing to do that (slightly) improves gas/performance
  6. Kia Cerato 2005

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    bored . . . same here. i have a white 04.5. best car i have ever owned. thats not saying all that much, but i do like it. A LOT. previous cars: 87 mercury cougar (worst handling car ever) 92 oldsmobile achieva (horrible horrible car) 89 volvo 740 turbo wagon (not a bad car, but very...
  7. WTB - Cerato style OEM Spoiler

    Classifieds - Private "Wanted" Classifieds
    i want it!!!! it looks like this: ive had a few failed attempts at trying to import one of these. gahh!!! i need one that can ship to the US !! w/o being like 500 for shipping
  8. My 2005 Spectra Ex Experience, 13500 Km

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    i've had my spectra ex 2004.5 since 2004 oct? its got ~ 55,000 miles on it, and ive had zero problems. ohh, 1 licence plate light went out. other then that, its been perfect. ::knocks on wood::
  9. My headlight mod and other stuff

    Interiors and Exteriors
    How did you do the headlights? do you bake them in the oven to open them? i want to do this, but i dunno how to go about this.
1-9 of 9 Results