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  1. Southern California

    US - West
    Yeh, we had a meet up, some of the socal guys from streetkiaz, here a little bit ago... here's some pics from the meet... Socalkiatuner Local Car Meet
  2. Kia Open Road Magazine!

    Kia News
    Yes, Kia Has a magazine out, and my car made the print! Check it out! I recommend right clicking the link and clicking "save as" to save the file to your computer. More photos and such at
  3. My Ride: Update

    Image and Video Gallery
    I havnt been around for a while, I though I'd stop by and post some current pics... Well here they are.
  4. Quick question about the Tension Body Kit

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Yes, it can fit, but I think the rear needs some trimming
  5. Check these out! Spectra T-Shirts!

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    He didnt find it, he is selling them... it is his design. As i posted in another forum...
  6. Aftermarket Wheels on my spectra 06

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    I've got 18's on mine...
  7. Body Parts for Sale

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    Sorry for posting in wrong thread, if anyone is interested, or has a offer, let me know.
  8. Body Parts for Sale

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    2004.5- 2006 Spectra Body Parts for Sale My car is coming to a new stage in it's life, and I am getting rid of some parts... All items are available for local pickup as well as s&h. (southern california, san bernardino) OEM Spoiler - wires clipped at edge, can be rewired, also, it is simple...
  9. Aftermarket Lights

    Shuma & Spectra (1997-2003)
    There really isnt much aftermarket stuff for kias right now.... Do you know about They have meets and stuff, and im sure one of those guys lives pretty clost to you and would be willing to help ya out with mods and such. Make sure you join up on their forum and let em...
  10. Spectra Improvements

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Believe me, even though the car may not have more than 130 hp yet, sway/strut/springs extreemly help with the ride/body roll of the car. Good luck on your mods.
  11. Headlight Eyelids

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    You can also get some made in vinyl, a lot cheaper, and you dont have to paint it.
  12. Stainles Steel Battery Cover

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Very interesting. I think I would paint it black... looks kinda off. Gj :gunsmilie:
  13. Air Intake On 06 Spectra5

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    I havnt tried the 97 accord, but mine is from a 90-93 Integra... worked well, some modifications were needed.
  14. Power Door Locks

    2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    We have quite a few younger members, and we really dont care about age, as long as you got a kia, and a good aditude, we are cool with you coming out. Good luck on the install, maybe you can come out just to see how it goes? Here are some pics of previous meets we have had...
  15. Hi, New S[ectra Owner Here & I Have A Question...

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Glad to hear that they did that for you, sounds to me like you have a great service deparment at yours. Good luck with the new one they give you, and try to keep that lead foot off of it for about 800 miles lol.
  16. Hi, New S[ectra Owner Here & I Have A Question...

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Best thing to do is take it to the dealer, and have a tech look at it... tell them what it does, and even take em for a ride in it so they can hear it themselves. I have a spectra and I dont have that whining. Well, who knows now adays with my Ark-Performance exhaust lol. -Haddy
  17. Ground Effects Trim

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    Hey Tallguy, I personally dont have the "black rubber trim" on my car, but I know what you are refurring of, and yes, it is common for this trim to fade. You may be able to fix this just by using a product called, "back to black". You can find it at any auto store, if you want to fix it...
  18. Kia- Never Again! Long......

    General KIA Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Best thing to do is ask around on a dealers specific history of service... there are dealerships That I wont go to, and others I will go to... just depends on what I've heard, and what the dealerships offer. I have done the research myself and I wish I had purchased mine from this other...
  19. Air Intake On 06 Spectra5

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    um, he already purchased one from kfx. I personally know the owner of KFX, and it is a part-time based job, and he tries to reply to the emails that are sent to him. Thankfully at least KFX does have some parts, as there arnt really any other companies out there that offer as many parts...
  20. Cerato Vs Spectra

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    The suspensions should be the same, and so should mostly everything else... motormounts will be differend because of engine size, and a possible weight difference (1.8 lighter?). The spectra and cerato are the same car, just with a different engine, so most of the mods should be the same.
1-20 of 40 Results