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  1. KSDS Notification - Knock Sensor update

    4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    I would be very careful before signing on to a class action lawsuit. You may be giving up future claims on your case. Also, most class action suits are settled with huge payouts to the lawyers and the original plaintiff, but peanuts to the remaining claims.
  2. 2015 Kia Optima SX Turbo Audio System Question

    4G (2011+) Optima
    Equipped with an amp! It's possible the previous owner blew out the speakers.
  3. 2015 Kia Optima SX Speaker Specs

    4G (2011+) Optima
    If price is an issue, check the auto salvage yards in your area or on-line.
  4. Needing some input please. - radio switch from FM to AM by itself?

    4G (2011+) Optima
    Mine has been doing that also. I didn't think anything of it, until these posts appeared. Strange that it's in the 2015 models only.
  5. 2014 Kia Optima LX Shark Fin Stolen

    4G (2011+) Optima The assembly is $118 at this site. It looks like it might be difficult to install.
  6. Map Updates - Optima

    I updated my map from this location: I have a 2015 Optima
  7. Goodby Kia (2016 KIA Sorento Fire)

    2016+ Sorento
    There are over 70 Honda car fires on You Tube. So don't buy one of those, either.
  8. Interior sound quality

    4G (2011+) Optima
    The Sportage has a ground clearance of 6.4 in. VS 5.3 in. on the Optima. No big deal IMHO,
  9. Moldy mildew smell from air vents

    4G (2011+) Optima
    From Kelly Blue Book: A Way That Motorists Can Break the Mold The problem goes way beyond a nuisance and in many cases causes such respiratory problems as sneezing, coughing, tightening of the chest and drowsiness. Although this problem has been around for a long time, it's getting worse. But...
  10. AC rattles when recirculation is off

    4G (2011+) Optima
    Sounds to me like you just have a very airtight cabin.
  11. 2013 Optima Engine siezed as descibed in class action suit - Seeking relief from KIA

    4G (2011+) Optima
    That lawsuit was dismissed in November of '16. I don't know the reason for the dismissal.
  12. What is the purpose of UVO?

    4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    Maybe some day there will be an UVO update, but it's next to useless as it sits now.
  13. 2015 Kia Optima UVO Update in Canada

    4G (2011+) Optima
    In my opinion, you have just admitted to committing a crime.
  14. Kia Check Engine Light

    4G (2011+) Optima
    Thank You. You're right, it is an excellent step by step guide. Glad your problem was a cheap and easy fix.
  15. Cheap and fun optima mods?

    4G (2011+) Optima
    Did you check out this site:
  16. Sportage Door Mouldings

    4G 2016-2018+ Sportage
    My thoughts exactly. The upper door is the most vulnerable spot.
  17. 2016 Kia Optima SXL adaptive cruise control

    4G (2011+) Optima
    It seems to me that your cruise control is working perfectly fine. It's nice to know it has a safety over-ride.
  18. Negotiated Deals?

    4G (2011+) Optima
    New 2015 Optima EX with Premium and Technology packages $21,500 (before TT&L). Last 2015 on the lot. I was looking for a 2016, but couldn't pass on this deal - about 9 grand off of MSRP.
  19. New Guy

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi, new member here with a 2017 Sportage EX on order with both packages. Pacific blue and grey interior. Can't wait.
1-19 of 19 Results