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  1. Air conditioning refrigerant capacity R134a for Kia Cadenza 2011

    Kia Cadenza Forum
    I believe there is a label attached to the underside of the hood with information on how much R134a should be in the system... "If" you are going to add more be very careful as the tendency to add too much is a common problem and you can damage the AC compressor pretty easliy in the newer...
  2. 2009 Kia Rio - where to purchase replacement OBDII Port

    2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    Hi... Your car is old enough to have some earlier ones in a local "pull-a-part" salvage yard... You also can get the connector from regular salvage/junk yards... At a pap yard all you need is to bring a few tools like you used on your car... there is nothing special about the wiring and a few...
  3. 2010 Soul bogging at idle.

    Kia Soul Forum
    The emissions system in your car has problems... There is what is called a "purge valve" that sounds like is stuck... It is there to allow outside air into the gas tank as the monitored pressure/vacuum levels change when the gas is drawn from it... Think of sucking air/pop out out of a pop...
  4. is there a restrictor plate in the air intake manifold ?

    Kia Soul Forum
    When I rebuilt my wife's 2014 KIA Optima that was "salvage" the plastic intake manifold on the 2.4L was smashed and I got a look at the insides... It has a vacuum actuator on the outside that does redirect the airflow through different channels by turning/moving a long cylindrical device...
  5. No check engine light, doesn't want to go up hill.

    2G (2006 - 2011) Rio & Rio5
    If you are in Central America you probably don't have pollution/emissions regulations... The second CAT is not monitored and replacing it with a straight pipe will probably allow your car to run properly... When the primary CAT (first/front/upstream) spilled it's guts they were pushed thru the...
  6. Replaced battery and now the radio,ac,and power windows do not work

    3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    The radio, AC, and power windows are all on different fuses and circuits... Radio = Audio and ROOM fuses AC = AC fuse Power windows = HVAC fuses... With no fuses blown this (reversed battery) makes the most sense to me... Dave
  7. Replaced battery and now the radio,ac,and power windows do not work

    3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    Did you personally replace the battery or did you have someone else do it? What comes to mind is the size of the battery may be the same and the terminals (+) and (-) can look the same but they may reversed... In stalling battery terminals backwards on a car can damage the electronics...
  8. Ecu blowing and draining battery

    Kia Cerato, Shuma & Spectra Forum
    You said "Amazing how I managed to hit so many of the "Kia known issues" in such a short time!" The car probably wasn't taken care of by the past owner... You got stuck with the minor items... I/We have had 5 Spectras and after sorting out the minor problems (besides most of them being TOTALED...
  9. P0420 Catalytic Converter Insufficiency

    3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    The emissions P codes usually will remain in memory until cleared by a scanner... The CEL (check engine light) will go out fairly quickly... The code remains so that the next reading mechanic or owner can see what led up to a failure... (history)... Like I said it can be erased using a...
  10. Ecu blowing and draining battery

    Kia Cerato, Shuma & Spectra Forum
    Hi Bound4alll... You have a bad door latch assembly causing the doors to re-lock... There is a switch within the latch that becomes corroded... I'm talking about the actual latch on the side of the door that is mounted with 3 large philips screws... The BCM (body control module) that is...
  11. Engine failure

    3G 2011 - 2016 Sportage
    If it was a 2.4L engine KIA/Hyundai has a MAJOR recall on them and it should have been replaced "No Charge"... I would contact KIA about reimbursing you for the first replacement or at least they should replace the second one as the first one should have been covered... Dave
  12. 2.7L V6 Battery light blinking - Alternator dying?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    With 170k miles on the engine/car think about the number of times the alternator pulley has rotated.... There are mechanical wear items within the alternator.. Carbon brushes making contact with the commutator wear out... That would cause your battery light to flicker...especially when you draw...
  13. 2005 KIA Sorento Door Handles Do Not Work; Driver's Door Stuck Shut

    2003-2010 Sorento Forum
    Now for the inside door panel... Search for a "pull-a-part" yard in your area... Because the car is a 2005 and these yards usually only have cars 10 years or older you have a good chance of locating the same panel for CHEAP... There should be some Sorento "donors" there... and you now know how...
  14. My Low Beam Headlights Don't Work...

    2014 - 2015 Sorento Forum
    Check your owners manual for the location of the High and Low beam relays... They should be the same type... Exchange them H to L and L to H and see if the problem goes from high to low beam headlights... With it being an intermittent problem you have a problem with a bad connection... It may...
  15. P0420 Catalytic Converter Insufficiency

    3G (2012 - 2017) Rio
    With 76k miles on the car unless you drove the car with a CEL (check engine light) for quite some distance I would doubt that the CAT is bad... I would tend to believe that the O2 sensor has problems or the connections on the sensor plug/socket is corroded... Either way drive it until the P code...
  16. 2006 kia spectra ROM error & DTC definitions found

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    The first thing that strikes me is you did an exhaust repair.... Did you do some arc welding? Many cars are very sensitive to drawing an arc... It is always best to disconnect the negative battery wire and then short that wire to the positive wire with a clip lead... This brings the whole...
  17. Manual Transmission fluid ?

    Cerato (2003 - 2008) & Spectra5 (2004)
    No it's not... I replaced the fluid in my 2008 Spectra manual transmission and it is really nothing special... My KIA dealer had no idea what type of fluid it was.... I walked across the building to the Hyundai parts/service counter and this guy knew right away and sold me 3 qts... It's a...
  18. Cv axle

    Kia Forte/Cerato (TD) and Koup Discussion Forum
    Yes the LX/EX/and SX all have the same engine and CV axles... The only differences is "if" the cars have ABS or NO ABS...Then you may have different splines going into the transaxle...Then the axles may be different... No ABS cars will be the same and ABS cars will be the same... Dave
  19. anyone replaced front passenger side brake lines on 2001 Sportage?

    1G (1993 - 2002) Sportage
    I agree with GottaCruise... The original (OEM) lines were probably installed before the engine and other large items were installed and putting the OEM lines back in may prove to be quite a chore... CU/AL tubing is great as it bends fairly easy but be careful not to make too sharp a bend as it...
  20. crank no start, blowing 15A main fuse

    1G (1993 - 2002) Sportage
    Reference to the original poster from years ago... #1 open or shorted grounds DO NOT blow fuses... A ground wire shorted to ground won't do anything bad...It's all ready at ground potential... SO his mechanic has no concept of electrical wiring... A ground wire feeding the headlights opening...
1-20 of 179 Results