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      2016 Sorento EX 2.0T
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      I installed these last night, They are awesome:

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      You do need the H7 adapters:

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      It did take me a while to figure out how to use the adapters, but in the end it worked perfectly.

      These do have an excellent throw, always the issue with LED. They are far brighter, whiter and longer than ZXE or Philips Extreme

      I put some LEDs into the fogs, but they are low power (1600 lumens) and look amazing but don't throw that much light. They have no fans or heat sink. I ordered some high power 9006 LED's, I will report back how they work out.

      Also have some 9005 LEDs on order for the high beams. Will see if they throw further than the 9011's I put in.
      sorry to revive an old one, but hoping folks can add more detail on how they managed to get these installed with the adapter. I have same adapters (different LEDs) and they are so loose on the LED that there is no way to get enough pressure to keep it and the ring that comes on the LED to stay together when trying to insert and turn the LED into the socket. I have heard folks talk about gluing them together, etc but hoping to hear others specifics since the glue option isn't even great for me as the adapter is so loose there is hardly any contact area for it to be glued to the other ring on the LED. Maybe the LEDs just aren't good fit for the adapters, but they do go together like it should work if I could just get them to stay together when inserting them. Thanks.
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      2016 Sorento EX 2.0T
      11 Posts
      Well, I kept trying things and figured I would share the steps I took which do appear to match with others I have seen, and I'll just add color from my experience.
      • The adapters I used seemed to be very large for the LED "ring" (in my case it was metal ring) that comes on the LED. I couldn't see how even trying to glue it (with Goop) would work as there were not a lot of contact areas for the Goop to hold.
      • Nevertheless, I gave Goop a try and let it sit for 30 mins. Note I have both rings off of the LED when doing this. I never tried to pull them apart to see if they were stuck I just took them to the car to give it a go.
      • I carefully aligned the adapter tabs into the light socket and placed it in there - no turning yet.
      • I used a small/thin flat head screw driver to push on one of the tabs that was sitting in the socket bracket and pushed it (sort of in circular direction like you would if you were turning the light bulb into the bracket). While I did that I put a finger on the opposite side of the adapter to make sure it stay in the bracket.
      • Surprisingly the screw driver easily pushed/twisted the adapter into a secure position of the socket bracket (again LED light is not involved yet)
      • Then I just noted where the alignment grooves were in the original metal ring and the small nubs/tabs on the LED light itself, carefully threaded the LED through the wholes into the socket and twisted until the wire was at the 6 o'clock position. Gave a light tug on the light to ensure it was solid and it was.
      • Not as hard as I thought once I found that that Goop (glue) actually held the ring and the adapter together enough and realized the flat head screw driver helped lock it in place without putting twisting pressure on the 2 to make them come apart (which was happening to me originally).

      I now have LEDs for Lows and Highs, and are now looking to do the Fogs (Type A, single bulb). Items I used are:


      Now I just need to wait until dark to aim them. I have done this to 2 other vehicles and have a good place to do it, so no worries there. Hope this helps others.
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