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      2022 SXP X-Line
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      This thread saved me some good money, thanks for the detailed photos. Ordered a curt hitch and curious if anyone has tried this curt harness?

      a lot cheaper than the stock telluride harness that I could find.

      Just got done with the install today. Not to pile on to a thread that's already got plenty of advice, but I'm going to anyway.

      I purchased the Curt 13473 from Napa Autoparts online. Cost $170 or so. Was at my door in three days. I had the prewiring behind the bumper, so I grabbed this harness, this bracket, and this mount from Amazon (all Curt products, too). All arrived yesterday.

      Spent 90 minutes under the car today. Would have been shorter if I'd had a lift or ramps, but I just crawled under it in my driveway. Spent 30 of the 90 minutes wrestling with exhaust hangers, another 30 of the ninety deciding how to mount/run the wires, and it the rest was me muscling things in place by myself. Another set of hands would have made thing easier, but not bad all told.
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      2021 Sorento X-Line SX Prestige AWD
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      I purchased the same hitch for my rig, and a Curt #56420 wiring harness. Installed both myself.

      Found the harness on Amazon for $39.

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