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      Sorento 2015 LX 2.4 AWD
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      So what is that switch like? You said you replaced the fuse. Would it be something like this: Doug
      Well...I simply installed a wire (2 conductors) with the switch (a toggle switch) at one end and a pair of connector lugs at the other end that I introduced into each side of the fuse socket.....with an inline fuse of same value on one of the wires a very low cost option.
      I leave the cottage on AWD lock, 2 km steep gravel road..then once on top I switch off LOCK and once the open road, turn AWD OFF....
      Last year, I would simply pull the fuse out once on top....but although this was a mere 30sec operation, installing a switch was a bit more elegant...:nerd:
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      2018 Sorento LX V6 AWD Conv. Pkg. Tech Pkg.
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      Do you get any error messages with the switch off?

      Also, would this screw anything up or void our warranties?

      dsdavis, thanks for posting this switch, which looks perfect: Switch

      Can anyone confirm that this would fit and work right in the Sorento?
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