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      Have you guys tried these pulse battery chargers?

      Supposedly capable of 'repairing' damaged batteries!

      My 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe battery failed on me just a bit over 3 years, outside of battery warranty. So I asked AAA roadside to help change my battery. Surprisingly AAA can deliver and install batteries for you for about the same price if I were to go buy batteries myself from autopart stores!

      So anyways, I bought my 2017 Sorento back in 2020. It probably just came off of a 3 year lease..., anyway, several months after the purchase, I experienced complete battery drain due to stupid computer turning my lights on all night long! (Don't leave head lights on auto, sometimes it might mysteriously turn on). Anyway, after than episode, I noticed the car not cranking as well... so I figured the battery was probably near the end of life, plus it was damaged by that complete drain...

      Somehow I discovered this device and decided to give it a try. Yeah, sure, during a over night charge/repair, things appeared to operate normally again. I thought okay, so the battery is just charged back up, surely it's going to lose its charge later like before...

      I even scheduled AAA battery guy to come over to replace my battery.

      Amazingly, the AAA battery guy tested the battery and tell me it's good as new, I don't need to replace it!

      I've only had this device for a year... really curious to see if this sucker can really extend the life of batteries.

      So far so good. My Santa Fe's new battery has been lasting longer than 3 years now too. But that could be the AAA guy installing a better battery than the factory one? Will just have to wait and see. If this device really works, it'd be a great $30 investment.
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      Have you guys tried these pulse battery chargers?

      Supposedly capable of 'repairing' damaged batteries!
      I have a more widely known brand that improves the performance of an aging battery using the pulsation, but there's no charger that can reverse the damage from a deep discharge event
      The pulsation is for desulfation

      From your link:
      • 【PULSE REPAIR FUNCTION】Intelligent control system, strong pulse repair technology, remove vulcanization, repair slightly damaged batteries, reduce water loss, Provides stronger engine starts and extended battery life. ➤NOTE: It can not activate a dead battery or repair a battery which is damaged seriously; it also can not repair a battery back to 100% new.
      I think that a Chinese to English translation error - at least they're honest with the information with regards the claim to "repair" damaged batteries.

      I have this one: BatteryMINDer 2012: 12 Volt-2 Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator - Designed for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV, Boats, RV : Automotive
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