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gmoetech911 11-09-2014 07:18 AM

intake.. to tune or not to tune
OK. so ive read some diff. responses about running an intake and tuning. I need clean cut answers if possible. I have an 12 Optima SX and want to put the injen short ram air intake Nd possibly the vent to atmosphere sound plate. Is it absolutely necessary to re-tune after the intake as my car is under warranty and tuning would void that, and does any one know or have experience with an intake and or BOV sound plate having any warranty issues, or is it even worth spending the money on... Any help would be greatly appreciated

KingV 12-08-2014 05:57 AM

Your engine is force inducted, a cold air kit will not give you the gains you expect. And uncorking the recirculator wont do much either, you may even experience a drop in performance due to the increase in spoolup time of the turbo.

KingV 12-08-2014 06:00 AM

And anything you hang on the engine a dealer/Kia may give you a hard time about if the car ever runs into a warranty concern- losing 10/100 on that engine is a pricey risk.

SimiKfive 01-08-2015 08:27 AM

You don't need to re-tune after those mods. Simply undo the battery terminal after the install and your fine. I started out with those same mods and have had no issues. I since have actually added a tuning module for a custom tune, and a HKS full blowoff valve kit (it's never enough :)), but have never had an issues. You're fine with going with a SRI and the blow off plate. I am assuming you're going with Torcon? Also as a sidenote, the Dodge SRT-4 has the same venting setup as the Optima, so you can pick up an SRT surge valve cheaper than the Torcon if you're not going for the red/blue color in the engine bay.

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