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Talking 2006 Kia Sedona P0750 Shift Solenoid A failure

7/4/17: 1 year after reporting this problem, I finally found the fix. This may not work for all Sedona's tho. I recommend trying this cheap fix:
- My car rpeorted P0750 indicating Shift Solenoid A failure. You might be getting similar codes of other Solenoids failing. Per KIA dealers, they suggested replacing the valve body. That is not the same as replacing the whole AT!! You can replace the VB yourself w/o dropping the trans. If you're handy, I'll tell you the steps

later. However, I'll start with this:


1) Ahuh, you just saved yourself dropping $2k on a rebuilt AT. Replacing ECM costs about $20-30. Buy them used from ebay. I wouldn't recommend spending $2500 on a new one from KIA. Its a ripoff.
2) ECM was the culbrit to my sedonda jumping into LIMP mode. I suspect that's the cause to many Sedonas throwing Engine fault codes. I've never would have thought these things go bad, but it did on mind.

2) ECM is bolted to the firewall with 4 bolts. Its alluminum case 6x7in and has 2 large black cable ports.

3) Look up the part number on the back. Mine says 39110-3C460. FOund one on ebay for $15. The same part is used on Haundai Entourage as well.

4) Replaced ECM and car running like a champ with no jumping or jerking.

Solution B (Find & Replace the Bad Sol)
Look up repair manual for F5A51 on Google. There is a 172 page PDF file that explain rebuilding this AT. You only need read on VB rebuild process.

1) Drain AT fluid. You'll need 15/16 wrench (found on ebay for $9), and ramps from Fleetfarm for $40. Get car on ramps, drain oil, and Remove the AT oil pan. Put large cardboard under car to catch oil spills.

2) VB on my Sedona is a 7 solenoid. Same VB used on Haundai, Kia and Mitsubishi!!. aka. F5A51 or A5HF1. It has 6 similar shift sols and 1 VFS sol.
Disconnect Radiator hose (use bucket to catch spill), battery cables & base out of the way.
Disconnect shifter cable.

3) Disconnect the wire harness to all sols. 3 on each side, plus the VFS sol.

4) Test each sol with ur electric meter. Set ohms to 200. Check each sol. Assuming ur meter is accurate, Resistance should be between 2.7-3.4. Some meters might be inaccurate and adding .7-.9 to whaetevr you're registering. Watch out. My meter showed 4.2ohm (but actually it added .7 the reading.)

5) If all sols test fine, then chances are you DO NOT need a VB like shop says. Go to solution A.

6) Replace the bad sol w/o pulling VB out. The sols are held down by M shaped brackets.
7) You can buy replacement sol from ebay for about $25. Look for part# 46313 39051.

I actually ended up replacing the VB and buying a VB from ebay for $50. Then, took all good sols from old VB to new unit. This was unnecessary, but I did it b/c I did not know the root cause.
Replacing VB takes time but not impossible. I took a cardboard box and draw locations of all bolts on it.
They are difference sizes. You must put them back in original place.

8) Follow steps in link provided to reinstall VB, I bot a torque wrench from Harbor Freight for $12.
9) Install vertical oil pan. Bot gasket seal tube for $7 from parts store specific for AT.
10 Connect shifter linkeage. Align Shifter in Nuetral position with shift sensor as explained in manual.

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