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  • jaybrian32 ·
    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice, I have a 2001 Kia Sportage, I have it lifted on 2" spacers at the moment. I have just got hold of some TJ rear coils and intend to swap the rear spacers out for these. The problem I have is rear shocks, I want to replace them with something to match the extra 3" the TJ springs will give it.

    I have noticed on several forums that Rav4 rear shocks are recommended, I did a bit of digging over here and it would seem they are the same length at full extention as stock Sportage rears at 620mm, sorry that isn't in inches, blame the metric system over here lol. Anyways, could you tell me if the rears on a US spec Rav4 are the same length as a European spec Rav4.

    Help greatly appreciated. Jay
    Sax4ace ·
    Thought i'd give your heater core workaround a shot. I have run into many frustrating roadblocks. Long story short, I have the hump removed, and the heater hoses. I can't seem to push/pull the heater core out. Also, it looks like the oem heater core has this plastic end piece, that had a a foam cover right below the hump i removed. Is there a bolt or some other clip holding that heater core in? I can see the two nubs coming from the firewall in the engine compartment, but i just can't pull the core out from inside the passenger side of the vehicle. 99 kia sportage 2wd
    Thank you for your posts. I've read much, but i think my troubles are coming from my own inexperience.
    bombardj1 ·
    hey old friend, I have been out of the loop for a while, ? for you I have a 2001, I have a code P0422, getting bad gas mileage, I had a dirty air filter, K&N, I cleared the code but it came back, do you feel I should replace the front cat ? I have a man trans, I found one on ebay for $149 it has gaskets and the 3 new bolts. thanks bro. John
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